#002: Christopher Kai – Lessons from a Public Speaker MASTER

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Here at Hustle System, we dive into the patterns of success and failure for some of the top entrepreneurs, artists, and business leaders today to help you uncover the secrets of their high-performance lifestyle design.

In this episode our guest Christopher Kai, expert on the topics of public speaking over the last 19 years and over a 100 cities, taking care of top-level clients as Google, Bank of America, Microsoft between others has became himself an authority on public speaking around the world helping others to achieve the best potential out of their lives and what is most people lacking to create a reliable brand for them self and their product.

Creating the top-notch program GPS (gifted professional speaker program), where he not only reveals his secrets on how to be the best public speaker but also how to understand the complete aspect of the business and be the best of the best. 

If you want to unlock the secrets of why is knowing how to network and not wasting your time is so important for your life success in any area, how to really connect with high-level people from a business standpoint, not only just as one more of the crowd. Why focusing on positive thoughts is so key to unlock success and maintain a proper lent of abundance in your life, and what is Kai´s biggest give away for YOUR LIFE SUCCESS.

Christopher Kai personal book recommendations:


Christopher’s Website: https://christopherkai.com/

GPS web page: https://go.christopherkai.com/gps-program-overview

Christopher’s IG ► @theglobalspeaker 


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